I’m making my list, and checking it twice, for my Theatre Highlights of the Year.

I must preface this by saying a big thanks to ALL the theatres, big and small, for entertaining, amusing, evoking tears, laughter, and even outrage, and for taking us out of our reality into another’s. If we just let you entertain us, we’ll very likely have a real good time, yessir! Or, worst case, something to rag about.

Here goes!

NO.5  Waterfall (5th Avenue Theatre)

Katherine (Laura Griffith) and the company of Waterfall, a new musical at The 5th Avenue Theatre. Photo by Tracy Martin

It was unabashedly romantic and bravely old-fashioned, and this critic loved every moment of this show that pleased crowds while alienating much of Seattle’s critical cognoscenti. Based on a Thai novel and musical, Broadway vet Richard Maltby Jr. wove a show of hope and heartbreak, set in Thailand and Japan, pre WWII. The background story of how the Imperial Japanese drove western culture and entertainment away from Japan in the 1930’s was more intriguing than the romance, but thanks in particular to Broadway and Seattle veteran Laura Griffith as the ultimately tragic leading lady, the melodrama played well, too. And, if ever an actress in a supporting role stole the show, it was J. Elaine Marcos, as Griffith’s wary servant

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